Waku The Workspace

Founded by a Canberra local, Waku is a coworking space that is future focused & people driven. We strive to give our members more than a workspace. Not only do we provide a safe and inclusive environment free of discrimination, We want our members to experience some of the amazing small businesses that surround us in Kingsborough Village, as well as being a part of a buzzing community of like minded humans.

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Our Story

Founded by Karina, a Canberra local with several years of flexible workspace experience under her belt, she set out to create something for the humans of Canberra. "We are often an afterthought in the eyes of the big chain workspaces. It's time to change that." Opening our first space in Kingston, we have already seen a change from the community wanting to move on from their current working situation to be somewhere that was specifically made with them in mind.

Our Values

Inclusive. Because everyone should feel safe and supported at work, regardless of who you love, what you feel in your soul, race, or your god.

Flexible. Business is bloody tricky, but we are here for the ride.

Get inspired. Create something new.

Collaborate. Big things can’t be done alone.

Balance. Burn out is not a vibe. 

Ngunnawal Country

Our workspace operates on Ngunnawal country. We give our respect to the traditional owners of this beautiful land we work, live and thrive on.